Full Access Members and Deal Finders - Better Plan Breakdowns

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The breakdown for Full Access Members and Deal Finders is not very 'friendly' for startups. The Basic Plan should have up to 2 Full Access members as my wife and I run the business and need to be able to modify/see all aspects. Also, perhaps consider adding a few more Plan options? The jump from 2 Deal Finders to 300 just doesn't make any sense. How bout 10? or 25? Or maybe even an upgrade option to purchase "10 Additional Deal Finders"? But at the very least, 2 Full access in the Basic Plan is a must, please.
I would suggest the following:

Personal: 1 Full Access; 1 Deal Finder
Basic: 2 Full; 3 Deal Finders
Plus: 2 Full; 10 Deal Finders
Premium: 2 Full; 25 Deal Finders
Advanced: 3 Full; 50 Deal Finders
Professional: 3 Full; 100 Deal Finders
Elite: 4 Full; 200 Deal Finders
Enterprise: 5 Full; 300 Deal Finders

As mentioned, options to purchase 10 additional Deal Finders or 1 Full Access member would be pretty neat!

Thank you for your consideration!!

Under consideration Suggested by: Pino Tenerelli Upvoted: 03 Jun Comments: 25

Comments: 25