Team Management (Enterprise)

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Please add the ability to do the following with teams:
- sort members by date joined, phone, name, region (ask for region/state in signup page)
- group team members into groups with labels
- assign DM partners or regional/local acquisitions managers to teams
- export team members to spreadsheets for entering into other systems (Zapier, CRM, etc)
- have the ability to have team members upload their profile pics (not sure if this is a thing)
- Connect the data from the Team section to Zapier for better data integration with other systems (this would be a lifesaver)
- mass edit team members (to assign to groups, etc)
- ability to filter out the team member views by region, state, no. of deals, etc
- have a spreadsheet-style compact view to view all the team members data (desktop only possibly)

Planned Suggested by: Eric Upvoted: 24 Jan, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1